Body Treatments

Detoxifying Wraps & Body Hydration Treatments

60 min $85 (+20 min $15)

Seaweed Body Wrap

Estheticians and Massage Therapists provide a nutrient-rich treatment blended with potent herbal extracts and essential oils to help hydrate and restore skin tone and vitality. Includes a detoxifying seaweed wrap and full body massage to detoxify and firm the body.

Lemon Verbena Body Wrap and Hydration

A two-step body polish and hydrating wrap, this body treatment leaves skin radiant and deeply nourished. Bright citrus notes of Lemon Verbena and gentle buffing grains are blended with Aloe Vera, Oat Protein and Shea Butter to soften the skin and ease the discomfort of dryness. Following the scrub, the body is drenched in a soothing and smoothing treatment to promote deep hydration.

Espresso Mud Detoxifying herbal treatments

Remineralize your skin while drawing out impurities. This detoxifying treatment starts with a vigorous exfoliation using volcanic Pumice and Coffee Arabica to stimulate circulation, followed by a warm wrap with mineral-rich Black Silt Clay and herbal extracts of Indian Sarsaparilla and Honey to help smooth and firm the skin.

Massage-oriented, ultimate skin conditioning treatment for the body. This session begins with a hypnotic massage featuring a warm, mineral-rich seaweed wrap infused with aromatic Japanese Ume Plum extracts to revitalize the skin, and is followed by a detailed massage with our Sea Fennel massage wax to deeply seal in moisture for a silky, satin finish.

Moisture Drench

Specialty Treatments

Peppermint Foot

Peppermint Hand

Treatment with leg and foot massage.

($30 - 25 minutes)

Treatment with arm and hand massage.

($30 - 25 minutes)

Wild Lime Revitalizing Scalp

Treatment with natural boar’s head bristle brush.

($45 - 30 minutes)

Strands Salon has one of the best body treatments you could be looking for. The body treatments are relaxing and hydrating for the skin. Whether you are looking for a whole body massage or detoxifying treatments Strands Salon is the best place to go. Our body treatments also include different kinds of wraps for your body, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Some of the things that our #1 spa offers when it comes to body treatments are detoxifying wraps and body hydration treatments. We know how important it is to hydrate the skin. Some of the wraps that we offer include; lemon verbena body wraps and seaweed body wraps. As far as detoxifying goes we have the best Espresso Mud Detoxifying herbal treatments and moisture drench treatments. Both detoxifying treatments helps to get rid of the detox that skin contains and ends up leaving your body feeling fresh and moisturized.

Maybe a full body wrap isn’t your kind of thing, Strands Salon also offers the best specialty treatments in scalp, hands, and feet. These treatments are similar to a full body treatment, but instead of the full body they mainly focus on these specific areas. Not only do you get the special treatment for the hands, feet or scalp but along with treatment you get a relaxing massage. If you are looking for the best body wraps, massages, or detoxifying treatment for your skin look no further than Strands Salon.

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